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Ever wish you had a stylist on call for your bad hair days, pimples on your face, a good hairstyle for an evening party? Someone who knows you in and out and recommend you styles and stylists just apt for you. Someone who'd do everything just to make you look and feel good everyday?

Ever imagined if getting a haircut, threading, pedicure from your favourite salon or stylists was as simple as getting an Uber ride instead of repeated calls or having to wait for 30 minutes for your turn in salons and barbershops? 

That's where SVAYO comes in. Get inspired by social content highlighting trends in and around you. Get a free AI-powered virtual stylist in the SVAYO app to recommend you services and stylists based trends matching your selfie. Book salon appointments. Pay your salon bills online every time and get loyalty points just like those of credit cards. Be part of the community and get styling tips for DIY experiences.


Benefits. Personalised for You.

One app for salon styling. So many features for you.

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Virtual Try-ons

Experiment with hairstyles and makeovers virtually using advanced AI

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Non-stop Rewards

Get StyleCoins every time you pay for a salon bill, or write a review of a salon

Different variety of combs.

Salon Recommendations

You decide your next makeover. We'll suggest you the best salon and stylist near you

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Deals & Offers

Deals, offers and combos of salons near you. You never have to ask for discounts again

Wall Clock showing time.

Appointment Booking

No more calls or waiting in salons. One tap to book salons at your time, your location

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Creator Incentivisation

Get incentivised by creating content that inspires people to upgrade their style quotients

Salon Styling. Reimagined.

Isn't it time the salon industry revolved around you?

A girl doing Makeup Photoshoot

Find Inspiration

You are a work of art. And you deserve to flaunt it too. Find hairstyles and makeovers that inspire you. Follow awesome creators for the latest beauty trends. Know more about products recommended by SVAYO's AI based on your selfies.

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Boldly Experiment

So you've found a hairstyle that you want. Badly. But you are unsure. Use SVAYO's Try-On feature to virtually try-on hairstyles (and more) to know confidently how you'll look. SVAYO will then recommend matching salons and stylists near you for the style you aspire for.

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Get Rewarded

Who doesn't like to be rewarded. Be it at work or in your personal life. How would you like getting rewarded every time you use SVAYO? For paying at a salon, for a review you post or for social content that is engaging, and so much. Introducing SVAYO's StyleCoins. 


Below Are Some Areas Where We Are Present And Running

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln


Beauty essential tools such as comb, Hairdryer, scissor, water spray, brush.



The new age needs great technology. Get empowered by having the best booking and staff management app in your hands.

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We believe that technology is going to transform the beauty services industry to a whole new level.

If you believe that too, we should talk. We need mentors like you to create a future we are dreaming of.

A laptop showing html code on the display



Top talent builds great companies.

We are on the lookout for rockstars (metaphorically, literally would be an added advantage) to join our early team. We are an equal opportunities employer and don't just hang something about it in office.​

Open Positions (Bangalore & Remote):

1. Generative AI (+ Computer Vision) Engineers  

2. Machine Learning / Data Science Engineers

3. Full Stack Mobile App Developers (React Native, Javascript, Python, Django, Cloud DevOps)

4. UX/UI Designers

5. Field Sales & Operations Managers/Executives

6. Fashion content producers/developers

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