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Best rates across salon services guaranteed!

Discover awesome salons near you and get salon deals you never knew existed. Also receive StyleCoins for every review, every bill payment. Don't miss out.

Download SVAYO now


Use coupon: WELCOME_IN

Get ₹300 Off Across First 3 Salon Bills

Benefits. Personalised for You.

One app for salon styling. So many features for you.

Collage of Hands

Deals & Offers

Deals, offers and combos of salons near you. You never have to ask for discounts again


Non-stop Rewards

Get StyleCoins every time you pay for a salon bill, or write a review of a salon


Virtual Try-ons

Experiment with hairstyles and makeovers virtually using advanced AI

Image by Shari Sirotnak

Salon Recommendations

You decide your next makeover. We'll suggest you the best salon and stylist there

Wall Clock

Appointment Booking

No more calls or waiting in salons. One tap to book salons at your time, your location

Image by Mateus Campos Felipe

Creator Incentivisation

Get incentivised by creating content that inspires people to upgrade their style quotients


Use coupon: WELCOME_IN

Get ₹300 Off Across First 3 Salon Bills

Salon Styling. Reimagined.

Isn't it time the salon industry revolved around you?

Makeup Photoshoot

Find Inspiration

You are a work of art. And you deserve to flaunt it too. Find hairstyles and makeovers that inspire you. Follow awesome creators for the latest beauty trends. Know more about products recommended by SVAYO's AI based on your selfies.

Blue hair

Boldly Experiment

So you've found a hairstyle that you want. Badly. But you are unsure. Use SVAYO's Try-On feature to virtually try-on hairstyles (and more) to know confidently how you'll look. SVAYO will then recommend matching salons and stylists near you for the style you aspire for.

Must Have Sale

Get Rewarded

Who doesn't like to be rewarded. Be it at work or in your personal life. How would you like getting rewarded every time you use SVAYO? For paying at a salon, for a review you post or for social content that is engaging, and so much. Introducing SVAYO's StyleCoins. 


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