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Keratin Treatment in Bangalore: Benefits, Process, Costs & Tips

Updated: May 22, 2023

Keratin treatment smoothens and straightens your hair and reduces frizz and makes it more manageable. Keratin is a natural protein found in hair, nails, and skin, and the treatment helps to restore lost keratin in the hair.

Salons for Keratin Treatment in Bangalore

Here are some of our superb salon partners for Keratin Treatment in Bangalore.

1. Beaut'U Salon, Marathahalli (⭐ 4.7)

#33 4th floor, Near Kalamandir,

Aswath Nagar, Marathahalli,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037

2. Alora Unisex Salon, HSR Layout (⭐ 5.0)

86, Radhakrishna Grand, 27th Main Rd, Sector 2,

PWD Quarters, 1st Sector, HSR Layout,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

3. Urban Serene Unisex Salon n Spa, Balagare (⭐ 5.0)

Sri Sanjeev, Reddy Building, Balagere Rd,

Balagere, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560087

4. Alove's Unisex Salon, Bellandur (⭐ 5.0)

Back Gate of AKME HARMONY Apartment,

Bellandur Main Rd, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Price range for Keratin Treatment in Bangalore

SVAYO's salon partners are curated to find the best keratin treatment for your budget. Here are a few of our salon partners in Bangalore and their price ranges for keratin treatment.

​Salon Name

Price Range


Beaut'U Hair & Beauty Salon



Ethnix Salon

5000 - 11000

AECS Layout

Alove's Unisex Salon

3799 - 4999


Alora Unisex Salon

2500 - 6000

HSR layout

Urban Serene Unisex Salon & Spa

2500 - 10000


Amona Salon & Skin Clinic

6000 - 10000


M2 Zion

5500 - 8500


Grooming Galore Unisex Salon

4499 - 8999

HSR Layout

Dharm's Hair & Beauty Unisex Salon

5000 - 8000

HSR Layout

Ever Youth Unisex Salon

5500 - 8500


L&M Unisex Salon and Spa

4000 - 8000


New Lukme Salon

4600 - 7000


Lavish Locks Unisex Salon


BTM Layout

SJS Hair Field Unisex Salon

4500 - 5000


Things you must know before getting a keratin Treatment in Bangalore:

It's important to note that keratin treatments in Bangalore can be expensive, and results are not permanent. Depending on the type of treatment you get, the effects can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Additionally, some people may experience side effects from the treatment, such as scalp irritation or hair breakage, so it's essential to choose a reputable salon and talk to your stylist about any concerns you may have before getting the treatment. We at SVAYO take care of all those measures which are required for any service before onboarding a salon.

Choosing the best Keratin Treatment in Bangalore

Choosing keratin treatment for your hair type can help ensure that you get the most effective results.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right keratin treatment based on your hair type:

1. Fine hair:

If you have fine hair, you'll want to look for a lightweight keratin treatment. Look for a treatment that's specifically designed for fine hair and that uses lower heat settings.

2. Thick or coarse hair:

For those with thick or coarse hair, a stronger and more concentrated keratin treatment may be needed to achieve the desired results. Look for a treatment that uses higher heat settings and that's specifically formulated for thick or coarse hair.

3. Curly or frizzy hair:

If you have curly or frizzy hair, you'll want to choose a keratin treatment that helps to smooth and define your curls, while also reducing frizz. Look for a treatment formulated for curly or frizzy hair that contains ingredients like argan oil or shea butter.

4. Damaged or chemically treated hair:

If your hair is damaged or has been chemically treated, you'll want to choose a keratin treatment that's gentle and nourishing. Look for a treatment that contains restorative ingredients like keratin, amino acids, and vitamins.

Keratin Treatment price in Bangalore:

The Keratin Treatment price in Bangalore can vary typically, the cost of a keratin treatment can range from ₹3,000 to ₹15,000 depending on the salon, the hair length, and the brand of products GK, Flora active, Luxliss, Majestic Keratin used. For an exquisite keratin treatment experience in Bangalore, the SVAYO app offers the most competitive pricing and exclusive deals.

Are you looking for the Keratin Treatment in Bangalore? Look no further! Our app has partnered with some of the top salons in the city, including Ethnix Hair Design Studio, Beaut’U Salon - a well-known salon chain that offers a range of hair and beauty treatments, Glamon Unisex Salon - another popular chain in the city that specializes in hair and beauty treatments. Our partner salons offer a variety of keratin treatments, including express keratin treatment, global keratin treatment, and keratin smoothing treatment. Book an appointment through our app and enjoy a top-notch keratin treatment experience at one of these fantastic salons.

Keratin Treatment Process

During the treatment process, your stylist will apply the keratin treatment to your hair and then use heat to help it penetrate the hair shaft. This process typically takes 3-4 hours, depending on the hair length and thickness. After the treatment, you will need to avoid washing your hair for a few days to allow the keratin to fully penetrate and set.

Overall, a keratin treatment can be a great way to achieve smoother, more manageable hair, and there are many salons for keratin treatment in Bangalore.


1. How much does keratin treatment cost in Bangalore?

The price of keratin treatment in Bangalore can range from ₹3,000 to ₹15,000

2. How many days does keratin treatment last?

3. Is Keratin treatment more expensive than straightening?

4. Does Keratin Treatment permanently straighten Hair?

5. Can I oil my hair after keratin treatment?

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