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"Wasn't into style at all - until I tried new styles on my avatar using Svayo's AI feature. I decided to try a new hairstyle for a change. I got the haircut done cause it was really easy - I just showed the avatar to my hairstylist - and realised what a huge difference it can make! Easy to use, book and pay - Svayo handled all aspects of my hairstyling. Would definitely recommend, especially for the stylistically challenged like me."

How do I find the best salons near me?

Salon Services in Bellandur, Bangalore


Who doesn’t want to look fabulous all the time? Be it any occasion or pampering yourself with a grooming session, Salon services can help you look your best. 


The specific services offered by a salon will depend on the salon's location, target market, and the stylists or estheticians that work there. Here’s a list of common services offered by Salons: 


  • Haircuts and styling

  • Hair coloring and highlights

  • Hair treatments: Deep conditioning and keratin treatments

  • Facial

  • Waxing and threading

  • Manicures and pedicures

  • Hair removal

  • Nail art


Salon services for women in Bellandur, Bangalore


  • Hair treatments in Bellandur, Bangalore


You can avail an array of hair treatments services, such as hot oil treatment, shampooing, hair color and hair styling  at Salons in the Bellandur, Bangalore


  • Facial in Bellandur, Bangalore

There are variant types of facial service that hydrates the skin and helps it to breath. Facial services at Bellandur, Bangalore include fruit facial, chocolate facial, gold facial and so on. 


  • Manicure and Pedicure in Bellandur, Bangalore


Manicure and pedicure is a similar treatment for the hands and feet and you can avail this service at any salon in Bellandur, Bangalore.


  • Waxing in Bellandur, Bangalore


Waxing is a popular service in Bellandur, Bangalore with variant types starting from strip waxing, hard waxing to sugar waxing. 


Salon services for men in Bellandur, Bangalore


  • Hair treatments in Bellandur, Bangalore


Hair treatment and cuts for men in salons typically include a variety of services. You can schedule their appointments and even view the portfolios of the stylist to decide on your look.


  • Facial treatment for men in Bellandur, Bangalore


There are various kinds of facial treatments in the salons that include clean up, exfoliation, facial massage and more. 


Salons in Bellandur


  1. Alove's Unisex Salon


Benefit of SVAYO Service


  • Attending an AI salon like SVAYO provides attendees new ideas and inspiration.

  • Hairstyling at SVAYO is designed to use and apply to attain desired style

  • SVAYO offers variety of deal, discount and related services

  • You can book an appointment instantly as per your convenience


Things to consider before making an appointment:


With a hectic schedule, finding a salon can be challenging, but it can also offer many benefits. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


  1. Check the services offered: Make sure that the salon offers the services that you are looking for.

  2. Consider the location and hours: Make sure that the salon is located in a convenient place and that the hours work well with your schedule.

  3. Look at the price list: Make sure that the salon's prices are within your budget and that they offer a clear pricing list for their services.

  4. Check the sanitation and hygiene practices: Make sure that the salon maintains high standards of sanitation and hygiene and that the equipment and tools are clean and well-maintained. 


Often you may not always get a salon service in your preferred location on a short notice. At SVAYO you can book an appointment at your convenience. Moreover, SVAYO offers an artificial intelligence tool to enhance and improve the customer experience. 



  1. How do I pick a good stylist in Bellandur, Bangalore?.


  • Picking a good stylist can be a daunting task, but SVAYO can help you experiment with different styles. 


   2. What are the most popular salon services in Bellandur, Bangalore?

  • It's best to check with a specific salon or conduct a quick online search to get a more accurate idea of the most popular services in your area. 


   3. How to make an appointment on SVAYO?


  • You can use the SVAYO app to choose a hair salon and book an appointment at your preferred timing.


   4. Are there any deals and discounts on SVAYO?


  • SVAYO offers deals, offers and combos of salons near you. You never have to ask for discounts. 

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